Ministry Training Pipeline

“Pipelines are designed to bring something that is valuable, even precious, from one place where there is plenty, to a place where that resource is rare. The North West Ministry Pipeline is designed to help supply our Diocese with a reliable supply of able, godly, and trained ministry workers. Traditionally, many of our workers have had to be sourced from the Eastern States and from Perth. While this has served us well, it has often been difficult to attract gospel workers to move to the ‘wild west’, and it then takes considerable time for them to acclimatise and adjust to the particular demands of ministry in our region. It would be wonderful if more and more of our ministry workers were to come from our own ministry nursery right here in our own backyard – from among our own people. That’s what the North West Ministry Pipeline is designed to deliver. I commend it warmly to you for your prayerful support.”  – Bishop Darrell Parker

EFT details

Name: Anglican Parish Geraldton 

BSB: 706001    

Account: 30003159

Reference: TRAINING

For more information contact the Dean, Lachlan Edwards

0437 150 100