Sermon Series – Exodus – The Great Escape















May 4th           Exodus 1  Evil plans, courageous resistance

May 11th         Exodus 2  The making of Moses

May 18th         Exodus 3-4:17  God the rescuer

May 25th         Exodus 4:18-5:21  Request & refusal

June 1st            Exodus 6-7:13  Deliverance promised

June 8th           Exodus 7:14-10:29  Evil confronted  (no recording)

June 15th         Exodus 11-12:30  The final act

June 22nd        Exodus 12:31-42, 13:17-14:31  God’s rescue

June 29th         Exodus 15 A song of triumph


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Sermon Series – Daniel: Living as Exiles


















4th May             Daniel 1 Stand firm or compromise?


11th May           Daniel 2  A humbling dream


18th May          Daniel 3   Bow or burn


25th May         Daniel 4   The sovereign God rules


1st June             Daniel 5    Handwriting on the wall


8th June            Daniel 6  Lions’ club menu


15th June         Daniel 7:1-14  A vision of the future (no recording)


22nd June         Daniel 7:15-28  A vision interpreted


29th June         Daniel 9


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Teaching Day – Making sense of….


Click on the link below to listen to the talks.

Making sense of … the whole Bible’ — a Bible overview

Making sense of … Christian living – Prayer

Making sense of Exodus in a biblical context

Making sense of Daniel in a biblical context 

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Easter Message – The Death of Death

Easter Sunday – the Death of Death – Luke 24.1-12

27th April – The Resurrected Appears Luke 24.13-35


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1 Peter 1-3 Sermon Series

Welcome to these talks on holy living.  We will focus on the first three chapters of 1 Peter and consider what they sayPicture1 to us on how we should live as God’s holy people – people chosen and set apart for God’s purposes.

Please pray that God will speak to us as we study his word so that we will grow in holiness … expressed through our thoughts, words and actions.

 Feb 2    1 Peter 1:1-2 God’s chosen people   

Feb 9   1 Peter 1:3-9  A living hope  6.45am & 8.15am       10.00am &  5.oopm

Feb 16   1 Peter 1:10-16  Call to holy living

Feb 23   1 Peter 1:17-21  Redeemed people of God

Mar 2    1 Peter 1:22-2:3  God’s enduring word  6.45am & 8.15am       10.00am &  5.oopm

Mar 9  1 Peter 2:4-10  A living stone – special Guest preacher Bp Glenn Lyons

Mar 16  1 Peter 2:11-17  God’s people in the world – special Guest preacher Bp Glenn Lyons

Mar 23  1 Peter 2:18-25 Following Christ’s model 6.45am & 8.15am & 5pm

Mar  30  1 Peter 3:1-7  Holy living in marriage 645am & 815am   10.00am & 5.00pm

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50th Celebrations with Bishop Glenn Lyons

Last Sunday Glenn preached a cracker sermon on 1 Peter 2.4-10

Wednesday 10am Church

Wednesday March 12th supper talk:  Christianity survive in South Africa today?

Sunday March 16th:  God’s People in God’s World. 1 Peter 2.11-17



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The Cathedral turns 50!!

The Cathedral  is a fine example of post WW2 building construction reflecting the characteristics of the late 20th Century Brutalist style (so i am told), with roughness and angularity often complemented by large scale  18HCCconstruction 6051963unbroken wall surfaces.  Within the vertical slits of the building are stained glass windows which are only really appreciated from within the building.  The plan of the building resembles a star.  

Over the last 50 years 6 Bishops have served in the Cathedral.    It continues to be place where the bible is preached each week.

We will celebrate on Saturday 8th March with a Family Festival beginning at 8am with a pancake breakfast, followed by games, face painting, jumping castle etc.   Later in the morning High tea will be served.  All are welcome.

On Sunday 9th there are Celebration Services at 9.30am and 5.00pm with special guest preacher from South Africa, Bishop Glenn Lyons.  There will be a luncheon at the QE2 centre where there will be a display and slide of memorabilia.  All are welcome.

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Christmas at the Cathedral


christmas 2013 front










christmas 2013 back

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Getting ready for Christmas


Christmas is rapidly approaching—are we getting ready?

Not just for visitors and family; not just for the gifts and    Christmas meals; but for our celebration of the Saviour’s birth?  It’s easy to lose our focus in the midst of everything rushing to meet us at this busy time of the year.

But how do we ‘prepare’ for Christmas as Christians?  Some suggestions …

  •  pray for wisdom to celebrate the coming of Christ in a manner that honours God;3wisemen
  • reflect on how to communicate the reason for Christ’s birth—the angel of the Lord said to Joseph, ‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his      people from their sins.’              (Matthew 1:21)
  • retell the story of Christmas during your Christmas meals or family times, taking time to thank God for his gift of the promised messiah who brings forgiveness;
  • focus on giving not receiving: how can you encourage an outward concern for others, modelled on God’s concern for us, his rebellious creatures?
  • celebrate Christmas with your church family—aim to be at one of our Cathedral services; rearrange other things to show your priority of Christ first.  Why not invite your family to share in what’s really important for you!

Christmas should be a time of appreciating God’s gift to us—Christ, the eternal Son of God, taking on humanity to save them.  Without this action we would be hope-less.

Yours in Christ, Gary


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Human Sexuality Part 2


Last week we looked at a biblical view of sexuality.  Our response to current discussions on a homosexual lifestyle, need to be shaped God’s viewpoint as revealed throughout the whole of the Bible.  The foundation for a biblical approach to ethics is laid down in Genesis 1-2. In the creation accounts we see how God creates with order, purpose and hence goals.  So God creates humanity in his own image – and it’s reflected in our biological male and femaleness. We’re created with an intentional design seen:

• in our basic difference; ie, we complement one another (male/female);

• as we reflect the triune God (differentiation in unity)

Thus we image or represent God to each other relationally and sexually; while we image God to creation through responsible rule (126ff) & care (215).


God’s created order, with its designed nature and purpose for humanity, leads us to see homosexual practice as wrong and immoral.  Why??

Because it …

• rejects the basic difference God created humanity;

• overturns the created order and its goal; and

• so exchanges natural relations for unnatural ones (cf. Roms 126ff)


Today we will be considering how God’s creation morality is reflected in the key New Testament passage of Romans 118-32.


Homosexual acts are sinful, but so is any sexual immorality, adultery, theft, greed, getting drunk or slandering people (1 Cor 69f).  Yet Christ died for all sinners – including gays.  So, we must not treat homosexual sin as horrendous; while regarding other sins as simply little errors.  Nor, should we lessen our responsibility to love and share the good news with people caught up in homosexual desire or practice.  We need much grace, wisdom and self-control as we live and speak before a watching world.

Yours in Christ, Gary


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