Easter at the Catehdral

easter 2016


   Good Friday – Combined Service 9am

   Easter Sunday

Foreshore Sunrise Service – 6am

Combined Service 9am  – Followed by lamb spit lunch.


Walkaway Holy Trinity – Good Friday – 7pm.


Greenough – Easter Sunday – 8.30 am


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Term 1 – Gods Big Picture

Friends, in term 1 at Church we are looking at the big picture of the Bible.  9781844743704

We are taking a step back to look how the bible fits together  using a book by Vaughan Roberts, called God’s Big Picture.  (you might remember him when he visited last year) They will be for sale at church for $10 if you want to read the book as we preach through it.

Our growth groups will also be doing some studies on the same topics.


Check out the sermons here 


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Jan 2015—Psalms of the 90’s

Throughout January we are preaching from the Psalms.


4-Jan        Our eternal God      Psalm 90

11-Jan      God is our refuge      Psalm 91

18-Jan      Our great God      Psalm 92

25-Jan      God is our judge      Psalm 94


The character and purposes of God are portrayed throughout the Psalms. We read of God as Creator and Redeemer; as the One who reveals himself to Israel through His word and in history, and as he does that, he offers the possibility of new life and how that life is to be lived.

The Psalms reflect on the saving deeds of God and upon human failings. They look forward with longing to the time when God will save His people completely and finally. So they encourage God’s people to trust Him for the future, as others have trusted Him in the past. The Psalms provide a great description of the life of faith, its blessings, its struggles and its future.


Psalms of the 90s – These psalms form part of Book 4 and are likely to have been written as a reflection on the Exodus events.  Psalm 90, which begins the Book 4 collection, is introduced as a prayer of Moses; while Psalm 95 refers directly to the time of Moses and Israel’s journey through the desert to Sinai.  Yet we must read them with an eye to how they relate to Christ.

God has supremely revealed himself in Jesus and in what Jesus has done in His death and resurrection.  The Psalms will help us to appreciate more fully what we have in Christ.

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Christmas Serives

Come join us this Christmas.

Christmas Eve

7pm at St Catherine’s Greenough

11pm at the Cathedral

Christmas Day

9am at the Cathedral

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December Christmas Program

There is lots happening in December.  Here is a list events.  Contact us for more info  geraldtonanglicancathedral@gmail.com

Fri   5th:      Sing Noel—7.30pm in the Cathedral

Sun 7th:      Carols at Walkaway—7pm

Sat 13th:     Women’s invite a friend’ event —7pm in the Cathedral hall

Sun 14th:    Family service and celebration – 10am in the Cathedral

Sun 14th:    Carols in Maitland Park, 7pm

Mon 15thGreenough Hamlet Carols—6.30pm

Sat 20th: Men’s invite a friend’ breakfast —10 Swan Dr, Sunset Beach, 7.30am

Wed 24th: Greenough Church Carols—7pm

Wed 24th: Carols & Communion—11pm, in     the Cathedral

Thur 25th: Family Communion—9am, in the Cathedral


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Galvins in Tanzania


here is the latest news from the Galvins in Tanzania.

Galvin Newsletter 25_1

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Sermon Series – Exodus – The Great Escape















May 4th           Exodus 1  Evil plans, courageous resistance

May 11th         Exodus 2  The making of Moses

May 18th         Exodus 3-4:17  God the rescuer

May 25th         Exodus 4:18-5:21  Request & refusal

June 1st            Exodus 6-7:13  Deliverance promised

June 8th           Exodus 7:14-10:29  Evil confronted  (no recording)

June 15th         Exodus 11-12:30  The final act

June 22nd        Exodus 12:31-42, 13:17-14:31  God’s rescue

June 29th         Exodus 15 A song of triumph


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Sermon Series – Daniel: Living as Exiles


















4th May             Daniel 1 Stand firm or compromise?


11th May           Daniel 2  A humbling dream


18th May          Daniel 3   Bow or burn


25th May         Daniel 4   The sovereign God rules


1st June             Daniel 5    Handwriting on the wall


8th June            Daniel 6  Lions’ club menu


15th June         Daniel 7:1-14  A vision of the future (no recording)


22nd June         Daniel 7:15-28  A vision interpreted


29th June         Daniel 9


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Teaching Day – Making sense of….


Click on the link below to listen to the talks.

Making sense of … the whole Bible’ — a Bible overview

Making sense of … Christian living – Prayer

Making sense of Exodus in a biblical context

Making sense of Daniel in a biblical context 

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Easter Message – The Death of Death

Easter Sunday – the Death of Death – Luke 24.1-12

27th April – The Resurrected Appears Luke 24.13-35


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