Jesus enters Jerusalem

The image makers will tell you that when you enter a room for an event (pre-COVID of course) you make a statement. Your entrance sets the tone, establishes authority and sends a message for better or worse. Whether confident, calm or flustered, chaotic, we are presenting our credentials. How about entering a city, be it as honoured foreign leader or conquering emperor?
Such details were not lost on the ancients. It was a chance to make a definitive statement, often “we’ve won, not you”.
When Jesus enters Jerusalem, it is His big chance to make a statement. He makes His first statement by his mode of transport, on a donkey with a foal. Hardly the warhorse of the conquering emperor.
This detail is not missed by Matthew who sees this fulfilling a prophecy, that God’s king would be humble and peaceful.
Instead of legions of infantry brandishing arms, the crowds wave psalm and shout for joy. The king, the saviour has come.
What sort of rule will this king have? What sort of rule does King Jesus have over you?

Prayerfully, Peter