Contemporary Service

Bible Reading
Exodus 34:1-8

Bible Reading
Matthew 28:16-20

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5 thoughts on “Contemporary Service”

  1. We are a bit ahead of time, watching from the East Coast; but thank you for your nourishing words and worship. A great encouragement to us.

  2. Wonderful service. We both feel enriched by the Word. Thank you and bless you all.

  3. Again wonderful service Peter and Eion, particularly enjoyed hearing again from John 7, it seems that Jesus spent a large part of his life offering acceptance to all, very interested in being involved in Life Explored 7 week information sessions, please keep me informed re this. God Bless and thanks to all for this presentation.

  4. Hi Peter and Eion, I had planned to comment after each sermon but never quite got to it… However, this being the last on-line, for now, thank you both for feeding us so well over the past few weeks!
    Regarding the sermon today Peter, I was especially struck by this sentence ” If Jesus has authority then people need to know this. ” I had always focused on the “…make disciples of every nation” bit and hadn’t really thought more about the authority part and asked : If people know/learn/realise/accept Jesus has all authority then a) What does this mean, the authority of Jesus? b) What does this look like in practice? c) What responses are required of us to show we understand and live this reality? Thank you for bringing this out today.

  5. Good evening Peter and Eion, as usual a wonderful meaningful service, a lot to reflect on. Thanks to yourselves and all involved in providing these services during these times of trial and concern. God Bless you all and see you next week.

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