Throughout January we are preaching from the Psalms.


4-Jan        Our eternal God      Psalm 90

11-Jan      God is our refuge      Psalm 91

18-Jan      Our great God      Psalm 92

25-Jan      God is our judge      Psalm 94


The character and purposes of God are portrayed throughout the Psalms. We read of God as Creator and Redeemer; as the One who reveals himself to Israel through His word and in history, and as he does that, he offers the possibility of new life and how that life is to be lived.

The Psalms reflect on the saving deeds of God and upon human failings. They look forward with longing to the time when God will save His people completely and finally. So they encourage God’s people to trust Him for the future, as others have trusted Him in the past. The Psalms provide a great description of the life of faith, its blessings, its struggles and its future.


Psalms of the 90s – These psalms form part of Book 4 and are likely to have been written as a reflection on the Exodus events.  Psalm 90, which begins the Book 4 collection, is introduced as a prayer of Moses; while Psalm 95 refers directly to the time of Moses and Israel’s journey through the desert to Sinai.  Yet we must read them with an eye to how they relate to Christ.

God has supremely revealed himself in Jesus and in what Jesus has done in His death and resurrection.  The Psalms will help us to appreciate more fully what we have in Christ.

Jan 2015—Psalms of the 90’s