Friends at times we push consideration of our giving to the background, but the New Testament keeps driving us to focus afresh on what Christ has done for us, and so live out the consequences of being a member of God’s forever family.

As Christians we are called to give graciously, generously and with a joyful heart, as a fruit of the Spirit’s life within us.  Grace giving begins by first giving ourselves in repentance and faith to our gracious God, who

generously gave his Son to bring us back into a right relationship with him as forgiven people.  We give with all that God has given us

– our time, energy, abilities and resources.

Everything we have is a gift from God and we are stewards of this gift. 

 As stewards we have the responsibility and privilege to use God’s gifts wisely and according to his will, that is, according to God’s character and purposes.

May we prayerfully reflect on our grace giving as listen to these talks


7th Sept  – God and money

14th Sept – Money as an idol  6.45/8.15  10.00/5.00

21st Sept – Faithfulness with our money

28th Sept – Generous use of our money



Grace Giving