The Cathedral  is a fine example of post WW2 building construction reflecting the characteristics of the late 20th Century Brutalist style (so i am told), with roughness and angularity often complemented by large scale  18HCCconstruction 6051963unbroken wall surfaces.  Within the vertical slits of the building are stained glass windows which are only really appreciated from within the building.  The plan of the building resembles a star.  

Over the last 50 years 6 Bishops have served in the Cathedral.    It continues to be place where the bible is preached each week.

We will celebrate on Saturday 8th March with a Family Festival beginning at 8am with a pancake breakfast, followed by games, face painting, jumping castle etc.   Later in the morning High tea will be served.  All are welcome.

On Sunday 9th there are Celebration Services at 9.30am and 5.00pm with special guest preacher from South Africa, Bishop Glenn Lyons.  There will be a luncheon at the QE2 centre where there will be a display and slide of memorabilia.  All are welcome.

The Cathedral turns 50!!

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