Last week we looked at a biblical view of sexuality.  Our response to current discussions on a homosexual lifestyle, need to be shaped God’s viewpoint as revealed throughout the whole of the Bible.  The foundation for a biblical approach to ethics is laid down in Genesis 1-2. In the creation accounts we see how God creates with order, purpose and hence goals.  So God creates humanity in his own image – and it’s reflected in our biological male and femaleness. We’re created with an intentional design seen:

• in our basic difference; ie, we complement one another (male/female);

• as we reflect the triune God (differentiation in unity)

Thus we image or represent God to each other relationally and sexually; while we image God to creation through responsible rule (126ff) & care (215).


God’s created order, with its designed nature and purpose for humanity, leads us to see homosexual practice as wrong and immoral.  Why??

Because it …

• rejects the basic difference God created humanity;

• overturns the created order and its goal; and

• so exchanges natural relations for unnatural ones (cf. Roms 126ff)


Today we will be considering how God’s creation morality is reflected in the key New Testament passage of Romans 118-32.


Homosexual acts are sinful, but so is any sexual immorality, adultery, theft, greed, getting drunk or slandering people (1 Cor 69f).  Yet Christ died for all sinners – including gays.  So, we must not treat homosexual sin as horrendous; while regarding other sins as simply little errors.  Nor, should we lessen our responsibility to love and share the good news with people caught up in homosexual desire or practice.  We need much grace, wisdom and self-control as we live and speak before a watching world.

Yours in Christ, Gary


Human Sexuality Part 2

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