Christmas is rapidly approaching—are we getting ready?

Not just for visitors and family; not just for the gifts and    Christmas meals; but for our celebration of the Saviour’s birth?  It’s easy to lose our focus in the midst of everything rushing to meet us at this busy time of the year.

But how do we ‘prepare’ for Christmas as Christians?  Some suggestions …

  •  pray for wisdom to celebrate the coming of Christ in a manner that honours God;3wisemen
  • reflect on how to communicate the reason for Christ’s birth—the angel of the Lord said to Joseph, ‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his      people from their sins.’              (Matthew 1:21)
  • retell the story of Christmas during your Christmas meals or family times, taking time to thank God for his gift of the promised messiah who brings forgiveness;
  • focus on giving not receiving: how can you encourage an outward concern for others, modelled on God’s concern for us, his rebellious creatures?
  • celebrate Christmas with your church family—aim to be at one of our Cathedral services; rearrange other things to show your priority of Christ first.  Why not invite your family to share in what’s really important for you!

Christmas should be a time of appreciating God’s gift to us—Christ, the eternal Son of God, taking on humanity to save them.  Without this action we would be hope-less.

Yours in Christ, Gary


Getting ready for Christmas

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