In a world that’s often confused about Jesus we need to know who he really is and what knowing him means for how we live.  So we’ll be looking at the real Jesus through the eyes of Luke.  As we journey with Luke we’ll be confronted by Jesus’ teaching and interactions with a wide range of people and issues.  May the real Jesus of the Bible fill us with joy and inspire us to tell others about who he is and what he’s done for us.

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Luke 1.1-4 – Introducing Dr Luke
Luke 10.25-37 – Jesus the Teacher
Luke 10.38-42 – Jesus the Visitor
Luke 11.1-13 – Jesus the pray-er
Luke 11.14-28 – Jesus the Victor
Luke 12.1-12 Jesus the Encourager
Luke 12.13-21 Jesus and Fools
Luke 12.22-34 Jesus and Anxiety
Luke 12.35-48 Jesus and the Future
Luke 14.1-14 Jesus and the Pharisee
Luke 15.1-32 Jesus and the Lost Son
Luke 16.1-15 Jesus and the World
Luke 18.18-30 Jesus and the Rich Ruler
Luke 19.1-10 Jesus and Zacchaeus



Listen here:

[thaudio href=’′]1. Luke 1.1-4[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]2. Luke 10.25-37[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 10.38-42[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 11.1-13[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 12.14-28[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 12.1-12[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 12.13-21[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 12.22-34[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 12.35-48[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 14.1-14[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 15.1-32[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 16.1-15[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Luke 18.18-30[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′] Luke 19.1-10[/thaudio]


Luke – meeting the real Jesus

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