50 is one of those special numbers that we celebrate.  Its got a zero, and so we make a special occasion of them.22HCCconstruction 16091963

When it comes to our birthdays, we don’t get many birthdays with zero in it.   If you’re a cricketer it’s a half

century, which is of note.   Many of us have already passed that age, some have even celebrated a marriage of 50 years.

Next year, March 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of the Cathedral and we want to celebrate that.

Parish council want to use this date to as a spring board to reaching out and making Christ known in Geraldton and beyond.

So we need your brain power!!

We need ideas!

We are planning now for a special celebration,

that will help get the Cathedral on the map in Geraldton.


So write them down or email your ideas to us.

Yours in Christ   Paul


50 years young

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