A gospel vision

Jesus’ final commission to his disciples concerned bringing the gospel—the saving message of Jesus—to the nations.  We’re Christian because successive generations of disciples obeyed the word of Jesus.  Throughout our diocese we have the opportunity to bring the gospel to the nations; as do our link missionaries.  Keep praying and supporting them.  Next year our first CMS missionaries will arrive—the Webb family.  Pray for them as they share their future with home churches and as they prepare to move over to the North West.

Below is some news from Peter and Elizabeth Smart serving in Amman, Jordan.


Dear friends,

It is about time to let you know what has happened to us as today we have been here in Amman for a month – unbelievable.  As I write the evening call to prayer is sounding, not unpleasant or too intruding, except for the one at 3.30am!

We arrived here into a flurry of all the things Lex & June Macqueen (whom we are replacing) do during the week, and this happened to be 18 for lunch that first day.  The next night there were half a dozen adults from the congregation for dinner.  The rest of the time was spent getting instructions for the running of the parish, the household and general directions for shopping, completing our visas, finding the post office etc.

We have encountered a few shocks!  The first was a phone call from Lex to say they are not coming back!!  Delays with June’s surgery and recovery time make it impossible.  We were reeling and so sad for the Macqueens not able to farewell their congregation whom they have faithfully served for 6 years.

The second shock was a bout of the Jordan Jumps.  This laid us low for most of the second week but thankfully it all cleared and we have gone into the ‘bottled water only’ and sterilizing all fruit and veg as we did in Syria.

Tomorrow we are to be taken to Mt Nebo to view the Promised  Land as Moses did, that is if the dust is thin enough to see through it or blowing the other  way!!! The breeze is a blessing especially at night.

Please pray that we will be used for God’s glory in this place, especially as Peter encourages the congregation and as I relate to the women without current Christian connections.  This comes with love and thanks for your prayers.  Peter & Elizabeth.


A Gospel Vision

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