The parish camp looked at the book of Ruth.  A key theme is how God’s loving kindness is experienced in the ordinary affairs of daily life.  You may remember the story — an Israelite  family in crisis moves to another country to survive, but their circumstances end up even worse.  Naomi and Ruth then return to Bethlehem where they experience blessing from God.

Facing difficulties in life is always a struggle.  The book of Ruth shows how trust in God’s overruling hand enables us to make it through the suffering and tragedies of life.  Without a God who is working out his purpose all we’re left with is a random universe with no meaning—so why complain!

But our God knows suffering from the ‘inside out’ through Jesus Christ.  In Christ’s suffering on the cross and through his resurrection we have an assurance that pain and death don’t have the last word.  So we can trust him in our suffering, in the times we find life almost unbearable.  Romans 8:38f reminds us:

For I am convinced that neither death nor life … neither the present nor the future … nor anything else in creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Here are four talks by Bishop Gary Nelson from our recent Church Weekend Away in Kalbarri.

Here are the Ruth Talk Notes

Download them here:

Ruth Talk 1      Ruth Talk 2     Ruth Talk 3   Ruth Talk 4


or listen here:

[thaudio href=’′]Ruth Chap 1[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Ruth Chap 2[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Ruth Chap 3[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’′]Ruth Chap 4[/thaudio]

Ruth – Loving Kindness in Action

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