Friends, over the past 4 weeks we have been working our way through historic, traditional beliefs at the core of what we, as Anglicans, believe.  Historically they arose during Reformation period of the 16th Century when our denomination was established.  But what the reformers were declaring through their catchcry slogans of: ‘Bible alone; Christ alone; faith alone; grace alone; and God’s glory alone’ were biblical truths.  In essence the reformation of the church was a return to a gospel centred biblical faith—a faith that wasn’t man made, nor one which vested ultimate authority in human institutions.  Rather, one which believed in the Bible as God’s word to humanity and hence, the authority for the Christian faith.  This stimulated people to risk their lives to translate the Bible into a language people could understand—in England William Tyndale was such person, who eventually was killed by the government for taking this stand.  So we are in their debt, for through their commitment and sacrifices our Anglican denomination was born.  It’s no wonder our final sermon today is on ‘to God be the glory’—to honour him in everything we think, say or do must shape our personal lives and church life.  May it be so for us here at the Cathedral.


Where to next??

Beginning on Sunday 26th we will run two different teaching series. One for 6.45am and 8.15am congregations (A); another for 10am, along with the new 5pm congregation (B).  They are detailed below.

(A): Joshua—living by God’s promises

This teaching series will look at 6 key passages in the book of Joshua.  We will  see how Joshua’s key theme works itself out in the true events the book records.  As we travel through Joshua we’ll be challenged and encouraged to live each day by the promises of God centred in the Lord Jesus Christ—the one who rescues us with forgiveness and eternal life.


(B): Luke—meeting the real Jesus

In a world that’s often confused about Jesus we need to know who he really is and what knowing him means for how we live.  So we’ll be looking at the real Jesus through the eyes of Luke.  As we journey with Luke we’ll be confronted by Jesus’ teaching and interactions with a wide range of people and issues.  May the real Jesus of the Bible fill us with joy and inspire us to tell others about who he is and what he’s done for us.


Parish camp

What a great opportunity to fellowship around God’s word and with each other.  I hope you’re looking forward to our time away.  If you can’t come for the whole weekend why not drive up for Saturday—it’s only about 150kms (just let Paul S know for catering purposes).

Yours in Christ,



Our Theological Roots – Glory of God Alone

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