Change is never easy, because we like feeling comfortable, but change is inevitable.  As Christians we are always changing as God works in us:gary

And we all, …, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. (2 Cor 318)

Colossians calls us to put to death the old life, to put on the new life (35-17) – and that’s a big change for each one of us!  Friends, the Cathedral has now come to a time of change. We are very thankful to God for Jeremy and Virginia’s ministry over the last 10 years.  I am personally grateful that Jeremy will serve as a part-time Associate Minister (until end of 2013); while I will be acting dean until we find a replacement.


Change in action

The Cathedral’s biblical vision for church is reach, build, send … for Christ.

  • Reach: Jesus calls his disciples to reach out across the world (Mt 2819) with the gospel (cf. 1 Tim 115).  So we need to ask: does all we do have a gospel edge? ie. how will this activity further the gospel?
  • Build: The main call of Jesus’ great commission (Mt 28) is to make disciples.  The Bible is central to our spiritual growth as Christ’s disciples (Cols 315f).  Thus our services will value and guard the ministry of preaching and teaching (2 Tim 113f; cf. 1 Tim 411,13, 62; 2 Tim 42).
  • Send: God’s community is a sending community.  For just as the Father sent the Son, so the Son sends his disciples (John 1717f).  Hence we will be concerned for mission by supporting missionaries; encouraging people to consider full-time ministry; and developing a mission mindset (Luke 15; 1910).


If we are reaching, building and sending for Christ then our church will be marked by:

  • devotion to prayer (Col 42; Phil 44-7)
  • a love that willingly forgives, serves and sacrifices (Col 312-14;
    1 Cor 134-13)
  • real community seeking God’s kingdom first (Matt 53-10,13-16, 633; Rom 12)
  • a gracious, generous spirit that joyfully shares resources(2 Cor 81-15, 96-15; Gals 62-10)


The pressing need is to grow our congregations (otherwise we will die).  This means our focus, along with that of the parish council, will be to develop strategies for growth and to resource those strategies.  A cathedral alive and growing is a key to our ministry both here in Geraldton and throughout the diocese.

Yours in Christ, Gary




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