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Dear Friends,

Have you been watching the sports carnival being held in London at the moment?  The swimming has almost come to an end and Australia hasn’t gone so well in the pool.  There were a number of events that we were expected to win.  “The missile”, James Magnussen, was ranked No1 in the world in the 100m Freestyle before the carnival; last night he came second, .001 of a second behind USA swimmer Nathan Adrian.  This was another of the Gold medals that Australia expected to win.

Team GB were expected to win the men’s cycling road race, going into the event as hot favourites.  Alexandr Vinokurov of Kazakhstan was the victor in the end.

For some, their expectations and those of their countries haven’t lived up to reality.  You can see it in the expression on their faces when the gold medal favourite has come in second.  They are disappointed with the effort, they haven’t performed to their expectations and second place in the world is disappointing.  Part of me wants to say ‘you’re the second best in the world, that’s great!’  another part of me says, ‘it’s a swimming race, get over it’.

As Christians, we may have great expectations that life will always be good; that because God is with us he will honour us and shield us from hard times.  If this is our expectation, then sadly we will be disappointed.  In the bible God never promises that.  In the pages of the New Testament we are warned that hardship will come (1 Peter 1) and Peter urges us to prepare our minds for action, being self-controlled setting our hope fully on the grace given to us in Christ Jesus.

In Christ’s Service,



Sunday 5th August Newsheet
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