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20th May News letter

Dear Friends,

On May 1st about 15 members of the church family met in the hall for a coffee and dessert night.  At the meeting Paul showed some PowerPoint slides of the work of the Guild of the Ascension.  Marjorie then gave a short history of the Guild and the mutual love and support that existed between its members.

Marjorie opened a window into the past.  The Guild began in 1893, long before the Cathedral was built.  It was centred on the original Anglican church, “Christ Church” and parish hall which were opposite Bennetts in Marine Terrace. Back then, as in recent times, the Guild existed for fund-raising to support ministry and for fellowship.  In earlier times, the Guild raised money supplying tea and sandwiches in the hall for shoppers on Fridays.  People shopped on Friday because that was the day fresh fruit and vegetables arrived.  The Guild was an important part of the large fêtes that the church used to run and they also undertook the mammoth task of catering for debutante balls.


More recently, the Guild has organised the annual parish dinners with guest speaker and numerous morning and afternoon teas and luncheons.  These events were frequent occasions, when friends and neighbours from outside the church family would join us.  The speaker often shared the good news of Jesus as part of their talk.  So the Guild was more than a fundraising body, although it did that well, contributing several $1000’s each year.  The Guild was involved in outreach, and as the Guild members prayed, planned together -they encouraged each other in Christian fellowship.

The meeting Mayday discussed the issues of declining numbers, aging of Guild members, changes in society and the encouraging success of Peter and Elizabeth’s ‘Syria Night’.  The Guild members then met on Friday 11th May and, not without sadness and a sense of loss, made the decision to go into permanent recess.  We thank God for the work and faithfulness of its members over the past 119 years.


The Parish Council is now looking at special fellowship and fundraising events for the year.  Then it will look for an event organizer from each of our three Sunday Services.

May God guide us into this new era with perhaps exciting possibilities.

Love in Christ,


Sunday 20th News Sheet
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