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Dear Friends,

Last week Elizabeth and I were able to visit the Hutt River Province where we met H.R.H. Prince Leonard.  We have a passport entry to prove it!

I’m sure you all know how on the 21st April 1970 the Hutt River Province seceded from Australia and became an Independent Sovereign State.

We really enjoyed our visit and the gracious way Prince Leonard showed us his treasures of independence.  I couldn’t help feeling that I had met someone who had done what many of us have felt like doing at different times in our lives.  Who hasn’t, at some time or other, wished to ‘buck the system’: reject the rules, toss the beaurocracy and assert INDEPENDENCE?

Actually the strong desire for independence is intrinsic to human nature.  However, when it asserts itself against God himself we are in deep water.  It is of the utmost importance that we acknowledge our predicament and renounce our declaration of independence.  Then we can accept God’s offer of free pardon which we can claim through faith in Jesus.

Through God’s ‘loving kindness’, his everlasting love towards us, we can be confident that:

All the rules are fair, and
There will be wonderful surprises!

Love and blessings,




Sunday 11th March News Sheet
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