Here’s a list of all the sermons we recorded over 2011, before we switched to the new website. It’s a bit of a mess. Sorry about that.


29-01-2012.mp3 22-01-2012.mp3 15-01-2012.mp3


02-10-2011.mp3 17-04-2011.mp3 29-05-2011.mp3
04-09-2011.mp3 11-09-2011.mp3 18-12-2011.mp3
25-05-2011.mp3 30-07-2011.mp3 05-06-2011.mp3
11-12-2011.mp3 19-06-2011.mp3 25-09-2011.mp3
30-10-2011.mp3 08-08-2011.mp3 12-06-2011.mp3
21-08-2011.mp3 26-06-2011.mp3 4-12-2011.mp3
09-10-2011.mp3 13-11-2011.mp3 27-11-2011.mp3
8-05-2011.mp3 1-05-2011.mp3 14-08-2011.mp3
22-05-2011.mp3 28-08-2011.mp3 10-07-2011.mp3
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