Geraldton Anglican Cathedral


We’re a warm and friendly community of Christians who would love to welcome you into our family.


We're Welcoming

We love to meet awesome new people such as yourself! Join us at any service or bible study, whichever takes your fancy!


We like Bibles

In particular, we like reading them! It may seem surprising but reading God’s word is actually the best way to learn about him, who would’ve thought! For that reason we like to keep our bibles open when we talk about God.


We want your faith to grow

We love nothing more than to see people growing in faithfulness and understanding. So we’ve got expository sermons more often than topical sermons and we’ve got loads of bible studies and fellowship events for you to attend.


We love fellowship

We provide free coffee to fuel those post service conversations! Like, you know, real coffee from a big ol' noisy machine! Free! Can't beat that right?


We want you to participate

Church isn’t a one way process. We want you to get involved in our church in whatever way you can. Whether it be through hospitality or unleashing your talent on stage it’s all just as important.