Sunday 25th march News Sheet

Read Sunday’s news sheet here: March 25th News Sheet

Dear Friends

The film we saw last week on a beautiful night in Queen’s Park was a surprise in more ways than one.  We expected ‘How I Ended This Summer’ could have been a happy holiday move and it was not.  ‘Summer’ tricked us too: we weren’t expecting that it would be set in an isolated weather station in the frozen wastes of the Russian arctic!  Never mind.  We did catch a glimpse of a polar bear and it did get me thinking.

Early in the film the main character deliberately chooses not to do what he knows is right and what he knows he should.  From then on he descends on a path where every decision compounds an ever worsening situation until his course of action is irretrievable!  Of course his irretrievable damage is not to himself alone.

All of us come to crossroads in our lives and the choices we make always have consequences—some may be irretrievable, and even eternal.  Cultivating healthy, Godly thinking points us in the right direction for those ‘crossroad’ moments in life; so let our choices be directed to ‘whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things’.  (Philippians 4:8).

And on an eternal positive note, remember, ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’  (Romans 10:13).  No if’s and no buts!

Love and blessings,



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Sunday March 18th News Sheet

Download the full news sheet here: March 18th News Sheet

Dear Friends

Mission week begins next Sunday 24th March.

Why do we have a mission week?  Because we are convinced that people need to hear about Jesus, as he is the only way to make right our relationship with God.  So for mission week we are especially working at telling people about Jesus.

Mission week is really a matter of special focus rather than doing something different to what we normally do.  In fact someone once commented that we always seem to be on about Jesus.  Which is true, because without him Christianity falls.

What can you do to help?  Pray & Invite.  We would like you to pray for friends and invite them along to one of our mission events.  It might be a friend from work, a golfing partner, one of the parents you talk with at school, your next door neighbour.  Pray for them, and be bold – all they can do is say no!

What is on?  There are a number of different things you can invite friends to:


Sunday Church

  • Wednesday Church
  • Greenough Church
  • Messy Church
  • Men’s Breakfast and Bowls
  • Thursday Night Women’s Coffee & Dessert
  • Youth Group

Please will you join me in praying and inviting.

Your Partner,




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Sunday 11th March News Sheet

Download the whole news sheet here: 11th March News Sheet


Dear Friends,

Last week Elizabeth and I were able to visit the Hutt River Province where we met H.R.H. Prince Leonard.  We have a passport entry to prove it!

I’m sure you all know how on the 21st April 1970 the Hutt River Province seceded from Australia and became an Independent Sovereign State.

We really enjoyed our visit and the gracious way Prince Leonard showed us his treasures of independence.  I couldn’t help feeling that I had met someone who had done what many of us have felt like doing at different times in our lives.  Who hasn’t, at some time or other, wished to ‘buck the system’: reject the rules, toss the beaurocracy and assert INDEPENDENCE?

Actually the strong desire for independence is intrinsic to human nature.  However, when it asserts itself against God himself we are in deep water.  It is of the utmost importance that we acknowledge our predicament and renounce our declaration of independence.  Then we can accept God’s offer of free pardon which we can claim through faith in Jesus.

Through God’s ‘loving kindness’, his everlasting love towards us, we can be confident that:

All the rules are fair, and
There will be wonderful surprises!

Love and blessings,




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Sunday 4th March News Sheet

Full news sheet here: Sunday 4th March

Dear Friends,

The 1st of March marks the end of 7 years that the Spackman family have been part of the Cathedral Church family.  In that time, we have lived in three houses; our kids have more than doubled in age (and height!!); we’ve got a dog; we’ve travelled North, South and East, and lately have been heading west in a sailing boat!.

The best thing has been being part of the cathedral family here.  It has been a privilege seeing you grow in love and the knowledge of God; seeing people come to trust in God; seeing people make the hard decisions of following Jesus.

As I think of ministry here, I am reminded of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9.

 5 What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. 6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. 7 So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8 The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor. 9 For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.

 Many people are involved in ministry here at present and in the past, and as I continue on the work of others, I must always remember that it is God who makes it grow.  We are God’s building, God’s field, trusting and depending on God.   The danger is to become proud of what I have done, forgetting God, not trusting him, not depending on him, not serving him.

As we look to the future may all that we do be for God’s glory and honour.



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Ian Blayney – World’s Greatest Shave

Over the last couple of years I’ve watched a friend of one of my sons fight the battle with leukaemia. Following on from a request last year to take part in ‘The World’s Greatest Shave’, I’ve decided to take the plunge.  I’ll lose my locks at the Geraldton Police Station – along with local police ‘Team Alex’ members – on the 16th of March at 10am. It’s well worth doing.  To help fight this disease or help those who have it. All funds raised will help research into leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders. Please consider a contribution to what is a very worthy cause by donating at and helping me reach my target.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Blayney MLA, Member for Geraldton

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Sunday 26th Feb News Sheet

Download the whole news sheet here: 26th Feb News Sheet

Dear Friends,

I am reading Randolph Stow’s story, The Merry-go-round in the Sea because a friend sent it to me when he heard we were headed for Geraldton.  I have been struck by the author’s word-pictures which I can see around me in town and country.  I’m loving it!

The story is told through the eyes of a young boy and his life growing up in this area during the war years.

 ‘The boy’s life had no progression, his days led nowhere.  He woke in the morning in his room, and at night he slept: the wheel turning full circle, the merry-go-round of his life revolving.  There had been a jolt, with Rick’s going, but the grief faded,…. and the merry-go-round had bumped, jolting a little on its iron stays, and then grown steady again and gone on turning.’

 The boy would not have been the first one to feel life can be like a merry-go-round.  It need not be so, and it is not inevitable.  How happy are those who are caught up in God’s loving purposes for us and who can step forward in hope.

‘For me to live is Christ’, writes St Paul in his letter to the Philippians and even though he writes from the frustration of a prison cell, rejoices that even his own adverse circumstances can be used for good in the over-arching purposes of God.

We step off the spinning merry-go-round when we embrace the loving purposes of God through faith in his Son.




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Sunday 19th Feb Newssheet

Full Newssheet: February 19

Dear Friends,

This week Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  Lent is regarded as 40 days long from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  Count the days and you will find its more than forty because Sundays are left out.

It is a time when many Christians will prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline.  There is nothing in the bible, as such, about Lent.  The idea of forty days comes from Jesus’ time in the wilderness before he begins his public ministry (Mark 1.13).

It is difficult to exactly date when the period of Lent first started to be observed.  Irenaeus (d 203ad) mentions it in some of his writings when he comments on the celebration of Easter.  The writings from the Council of Nicea in 325AD (a gathering of church leaders to work through a whole range of issues) clearly see the 40 day period of Lent as a regular event on the church calendar, and that prayer and fasting constituted its primary spiritual exercises.

Lent is a great tradition of the church as it focuses on Christ and his death and resurrection.

As with any tradition we must be careful.  Jesus and his disciples were hounded by the Pharisees for not carrying out a ceremonial washing of hands (Matt 15.1-10).  Jesus critically replies to them (Matt 15.8-9)  quoting from Isaiah:

8“‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.  9They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.’”

 At the heart of Jesus’ criticism of the Pharisees is that in following the “traditions taught by men”  they lost sight of God and following him.

With any of our traditions, as good as they might be, we too must heed this warning!

Your brother in Christ



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News and Prayer Points for Joan

Another person we support is Joan M.

Joan M Report


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Nathan & Kate Spies in Bolivia

You might remember that Nathan Spies set up an organization “Roots Association” to provide essential training, resources and funding for national Bolivian ministries.

Here is the latest newsletter from Roots Association

Roots Association News

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Medics In Niger

Dr Peter, one of our church members is in Niger at present with his daughter Hannah (a student Doctor), follow their trip (and pray for them).

Hannah and Peter in Africa 2012



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