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Dear Friends,

At a recent service in St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee,  Dean Phillip Jensen paid tribute to the Queen’s 60 years of service to her nation and the commonwealth.  He made reference to the Queen’s 2011 Christmas message.  Dean Jensen stated that:

 “She knows about God – not just giving sinful people what they want but giving sinful people what they need.  For while kings and rulers bring and maintain justice….Only God can deal with sin and that is what he did with his Son – the true King. The one who came and lived under the law like the constitutional monarch that he was. The one who came and gave his one life as a ransom for many. This is the Queen’s King…. Here is the Christian concept of exercising power, serving the people that God has given you responsibility to lead….

 However bleak life may be and however much we may need to call out to God for help, we always have much to thank Him for. And in our Queen and her long reign over us, we do have much to be thankful for.”

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Australians don’t generally like those in authority over us – it seems to be part of our upbringing over the last 200 years.  However the bible reminds us that it is God who has placed them in authority over us.  In 1 Peter 2:17  Peter exhorts the Christians in Turkey to submit to the king (or more correctly the Emperor) in Rome, a far off place.  Queen Elizabeth is our God-given queen and we should honour the position that she holds, even if we are republicans!

With many others around the globe, let’s give thanks to God for our Queen.

Yours in Christ,



Sunday 10th June News Sheet
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